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The theme for June as detailed in the June energy report, which you can read at this link, is about integrating our humanity and our spirit, being in the space where human meets divine. This video provides greater detail about the June Energy Report for you so you can make the most of the energy of this very exciting and powerful month.

This is the Human Meets Divine Energy Exercise, your Energy Mastery UpVibe for this month. Be sure to practice this often so you become familiar with the process.

May’s Energy Update is about managing the 3D/5D integration and the miracles, madness, mayhem and mastery of May.

Do you ask for permission (May I) or do you give yourself permission (I May).

How do you manage energy shifts in your life?

May 2019 Energy Work

by Jennifer Hoffman | Light Beacons Portal

We’re doing something different this month. I’m giving you an energy exercise to help you work with the energies of May and this will be part of the new format for Light Beacons. In this energy exercise you create your core of energy to help you stay balanced, congruent, and energetically coherent as you navigate the ‘madness, mayhem, miracles, and mastery’ of May.

You can download this audio file by clicking here.

The Light Beacons April 2019 lesson is about Creation, a detailed looked at the April Energy Report which you can read here.

As you watch the teaching video think about construction and destruction – what has to be de-structed – taken apart, released, relinquished, or refused, before you can construct something else? The two processes are part of a revolving door – destruction comes before construction.

This is the video lesson for April 2019 and it is an important one in this year of creativity. Creation is how we take energy and turn it into matter. But we can’t constantly bring new things into our lives without releasing something that is occupying that space. 

What is currently occupying the space of something you want to transform? Can you let it move on? If it is hard, why is it difficult? What are you trying to construct in your life? What destruction has to occur before that can happen?

April 2019 Energy Report

by Jennifer Hoffman | Enlightening Life Energy Reports

You can download the April 2019 Energy Report audio at this link.

And read the April energy report at this link.

The March 2019 lesson is about taking inspired action but this is about frequency and vibration, not speed and motion. So often when we think of change and transformation we want it to move quickly but instead, we feel stuck but it appears to move very slowly. What is happening energetically within our energy field must happen first, to prepare us for the changes that appear in our reality.

Here are your questions for study:

  1. think of a transformation you want to occur in your life, something you want to change.
  2. What is the ultimate transformation – think of the best and worst situations
  3. What do you have to change within yourself and your energy field to allow this change to happen?
  4. What does ‘inspired action’ mean to you?

Enjoy the video and bring your questions to the Q&A call.

As you watch the video think of what ‘inspired action’ means to you from from the perspectives of the transformation you wish to have in your life.

Can you be patient with the process, knowing that change has to occur on the energetic level first, before it can manifest in your reality? 

Does your ‘need for speed’ in the process reflect your fear of failure, of things not happening, or of your inability to use your creative power?

What inspires your action, is it fear and wanting to move away from challenges or a desire for new levels of empowerment, potential, and possibilities?

March 2019 Energy Report

by Jennifer Hoffman | Enlightening Life Energy Reports

You can download the March 2019 Energy Report audio at this link.

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