The Guardians are a group of benevolent energies that have been visiting me since July 2017. Their messages are shared with me in a spirit of support and encouragement for our Light Beacons work and our ascension path.

The Guardians are a new group of energies that have been visiting me since July 2017. Their mission is to support us through this phase of the ascension cycle.

In this message The Guardians talk about how important it is for us to embrace our power, in the divine sense, and not avoid using our power because we are afraid of abusing or misusing it in the 3D sense. We need all of our power to work through this next phase of ascension.

In this Guardians Message they talk about equality not being equal. It is important for us to honor others’ journeys and sometimes that means accepting their choices, even if we think they are not making the right choice or feel that everyone should have the same level of joy and abundance in their lives. Equality is not equal is important for us to remember so we don’t get stuck into healing cycles with others because we believe that we should all be ‘equal’ instead of the truth, that we have equality under the light and can choose what we want to embody and align and  integrate with.

In this Guardians Message we learn about judgment and how to avoid using authenticity as a judgment with others. Everyone is aligned with something and when others’ alignments are not ‘aligned’ with ours it’s energetic and does not require judgment on our part. Judgment creates an energy path that does not support our empowerment.

In this message from the Guardians they suggest we stop asking for help and pay attention to signs which are our confirmation. We’re also being re-integrated into the galactic community and can invite them to participate with us in holding our intention for the ascension process and 3D/5D integration but they cannot do that work for us. 

The Guardians speak about the ongoing struggle for dominance of the light and how we are winning but we must acknowledge our full power to be able to believe that this can be done. They also address the presence of other beings on earth and while we are not aware of them, they are all around us and many are not benevolent. We are an important aspect of the universal ascension, which is why we are receiving so much support now, which expands our belief and intention, as long as we keep the energy high.

In this video the Guardians message is about the souls in bondage which have been stuck in the earth’s grid for many eons and they were released on October 7, video below explains that. Then why we needed to do this work and how they can be of greater assistance to us when we embrace our energetic sovereignty, acknowledge ourselves as emissaries of the light (more powerful than saying we are ‘children of god’), and use our full power and light. You’ll also get direct channeled messages as the Guardians were speaking to me as I was recording the video.

This video is one I posted on my website which explains the ritual sacrifice that occurred in Las Vegas, what we did by reclaiming the souls that were harvested in this event and how that impacted all souls in bondage across the entire earth energy grid.

Soul Energy Transfer

This is a rather technical message from The Guardians who refer to ‘soul transfer’ as the invitation we extend to other energies to partner with us in some of the ascension work we are doing. This is not a walk-in or replacement experience, it is sharing our experience with beings and energies who want and need to be part of this ascension cycle, while maintaining our energetic sovereignty. They have information, energy frequencies, and solutions we can use, while we can give them the opportunity to participate in ascension without having to become ‘human’ which most of them are not able to do. This process can be called soul energy sharing or soul transfer, it is simply the temporary integration of another soul energy into our human experience.


The Guardians speak about Energetic Enslavement, which is the opposite of Energetic Sovereignty. This is where we allow our energy to be taken over by other energies, people, situations, or events, consciously or unconsciously. We escape from energetic enslavement by acknowledging ourselves as sovereign and as creators. We avoid energetic slavery by maintaining strong energy boundaries.

The Guardians confirm the change in the earth’s spin, the way the energy moves to create vortexes, the shift in the earth’s electromagnetic poles which is also a pole shift. This has happened because so many people have moved into the Light Age that the energetic balance has shifted.

In this message the Guardians talk about the process of releasing the greatest 3D density and how it is being ‘wrung’ out of the energy grids. Pay attention to how they describe the reason for our energy expansion and how that relates to the earth’s grid status.

In this message the Guardians talk about tribulation (suffering and challenges) and transformation, the freedom from suffering and deciding to move along a new path. These two aspects work together and one accompanies the other. We have to go through tribulation before we can transform but a choice for transformation is not always made. Some people will choose to stay in their suffering and the Guardians explain why this is happening, what it means for you and for humanity, and how to stay on your own path in spite of what you see others doing on theirs. 

Changing the Game and the Rules

In this message the Guardians refer to the changing game, as in the rules are changing around ascension and its choices. And they refer to the story of  Sodom & Gomorrah in the bible, as it applies to this phase of the ascension cycle. They remind us that we cannot pity people but instead, need to embrace their soul mission and know that they are always on the right path. This message was  a little tough for me to receive as it is a reminder that in the end times, which we are in, there are endings and beginnings and all beginnings require an ending. Sometimes that involves letting go of people and situations, at other times it involves allowing others to let go of us. It is also important to not judge any aspect of this and stay focused on the bigger picture, look to the next step, the unfolding outcome, the longer term aspects of everything because it’s all connected. 

In this message the Guardians talk about how busy they are spreading the energy of awakening to everyone who is ready to receive it, how you may not be getting the help you believe you need because you may not need it as much as you think you do — consider your energetic sovereignty and mastery here. This is a reminder to use your creative power with greater intention. Also, how the Light Beacons are the pillars of light holding together the energy container for the collective and why that means you may not be able to stray too far from that mission just yet. 

In this message the Guardians address the issue of knowing when to release and let go of situations in which we are no longer effective, are not a good use of our energy, and are focused on outcomes that are based on expectations. When we want a specific outcome with someone or something, we are pushing the energy in different directions and that outcome will not happen in the way we want it. Listen for another reason why this is not a good use of our energy, which involves how it limits the flow of energy to use and also limits our ability to use our power.

The Guardians explain why we cannot ‘fight’ the darkness by meeting it face to face, at its level. Light always overtakes darkness and when we shine the light from our own energetic frequency, we extend light that enlightens the darkness without harm to us or interference in our path.

The Guardians share an ‘odd’ message, ‘Be Firm to Be Free’ and explain how we are at our most effective and powerful selves when we are grounded in our own energies and do not allow ourselves to be distracted by others’ needs or calls for attention. This is a balance we can achieve, to be firm and free in our energy space while also shining as a bright Light  Beacon for the world.

We are going through a big energy transition right now and the Guardians’ message tells us that we have much support available from all over our universe and the many universes beyond us. They acknowledge, as Uriel has told me many times, how important this ascension cycle is for us and for our entire universe, which is why so much support is available. They also remind us that the light and dark do not occupy equal space and the more light and high frequency we bring into our energy fields the space the dark/density can occupy shrinks exponentially. This is a powerful, peaceful  message from the Guardians and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Embracing your power means claiming your I AM presence. No one can ‘take’ your power from you, you give it away to others you think will do a better job with it or needs it more than you do. As a divine spark of Source light you are a powerful being but if you do not embrace your power you are not fulfilling your soul mission. You’re also not able to embrace the energetic frequency and vibration required to embody light to shine it on the earth.

There is no standard goal for ascension, everyone achieves the level of ascension that is right and best for them. We want everything to be equal, or the same, but while we have equal access to Source energy, we do not align with and integrate it in the same way. Acknowledging that equality does not mean equal, or the same, prevents us from trying to get everyone to embrace energy and ascension in the same way and honors everyone’s path, without judgment.

When we believe someone is not acting in a way that we can align with, or that we think they should, we say they are not being authentic. While that is not our judgment to make, it also is not true. Everyone is always authentic with their life path, soul mission, and energy because that is something we cannot know. We judge authenticity when we think someone is not aligned with their energy, path, mission, or with our belief in what they should be doing or saying. We cannot judge anything about another, including their authenticity, and doing so is a misuse and waste of our time, energy, and our own authenticity.

As we move forward on the ascension path the light reveals the darkness. This is part of the the process and we must be careful to avoid going into fear when we see how dense the density of 3D really is. We will see many examples of this because we are moving into another level of ascension and the presence of more light and higher frequencies will uncover more darkness and density.

Light beacons are the gift of a different, light-filled choice for their soul groups. And this is especially true in very challenging relationships with strong karma, like families. But a gift must be received and accepted and even though we came to offer the gift, our mission does not include ensuring that the gift is aligned with and integrated.

In this video the Guardians talk about the effect of evil on the earth’s grid, as it creates a wound and the light is allowing that wound to heal which we do through our own healing work. They also talk about the mirror effect between live/evil.

If you have been feeling more motivated, light, joyful, and powerful lately it may be due to a remarkable energy event that the Guardians say is very important. The energy ceiling, the upper limit of energetic frequency that we can experience on earth, has been removed so we can receive and experience unlimited frequencies of energy. This is important for those who have been feeling very out of place here, you can raise your frequency and vibration to the level you can feel comfortable with.

In this video the Guardians talk about the battle between the dark and the light. This is a struggle between the polarity of 3D and the integrated duality of 5D. As you watch the video consider this:  It is impossible to bring ‘dark’ into a light room but we can bring light into a dark room. This is why expanding our energy is so important, we are bringing in greater amounts of light which do not necessarily get rid of the dark, they just turn the dark into light. This is an alchemical process as well as a spiritual one.