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Your portal for a profound connection with Jennifer and

a like-spirited community of powerful activists for the Light Age.

In the video you will learn about what Jennifer shares with members in the
Light Beacons Community.



Join Light Beacons Energy Warriors now and become part of a community of like-spirited ascension travelers.

Special pricing for monthly subscriptions        $39 a month (billed monthly until cancelled)
Annual subscription price bonus                     $250 a month (billed annually) until August 2, 2019

$39 per month billed monthly until cancelled

SPECIAL BONUS —   $250 annually  Expires August 2, 2019

Join Jennifer live every month for a live 90 minute video broadcast with a Live Q&A. The broadcast features an in-depth explanation and detailed commentary on the month’s energies, based on Jennifer’s trademark monthly Energy Reports, with her advice on how to use, expand, and benefit from the month’s energy shifts, downloads, and how to integrate that energy for your ascension path.

Followed by a live Q&A where Jennifer answers your live and submitted questions.

Get the benefit of Jennifer’s intuition and Archangel Uriel’s divine wisdom in these information packed, fun sessions. Also recorded and archived for you so you can view at your convenience.

A monthly meditation and energy mastery exercise focused on the month’s energy theme as detailed in Jennifer’s monthly Energy Report.

Use this information to re-set your frequency, clear old energies, and up-vibe your energy to align with the month’s potential.

Each Energy Mastery Up-Vibe is specifically channeled from the month’s energy and focused on bringing you into greater alignment with your 3D/5D ascension integration process.

Be part of a community of high energy, high vibe, like-spirited people who share a common ascension mission and a desire for energy congruence, harmony, and joy. The community platform allows for greater sharing and connection and it’s secure, not on Facebook, and provides a sacred space for 5D connection, collaboration, and cooperation.

The ascension path can be lonely and it can be difficult to find like-spirited people you can connect with. It’s time to get out of our hibernation and move into supportive communities, including virtual ones, where we can speak our truth and restore our energetic vitality as we prepare to ascend to new heights of joy, peace, love, and abundance.

The Guardians are a group of light beings who began contacting Jennifer in 2017 and have been providing channeled messages since that time. All Guardians messages are available to Light Beacons members and you have access to current as well as past channeled messages, all have profound teachings, insights, and information for us on this ascension journey.  Guardians messages are updated monthly.

Save 10% to 20% on select items in the Mastery Store and special savings on programs and events. This is a members only exclusive discount for you and special savings will be announced when they are available.
In the 15 years that Jennifer has been recognized as a global authority on energy, ascension, energy boundaries, congruence, transformation, and the many facets of our human/spirit journey she has produced thousands of hours of audio and video that is the most profound, authoritative, and accurate information available and it can help you gain clarity and confidence on your spiritual journey.

The spiritual path can be a lonely one and we need community, connection, and collaboration with like-spirited spiritual travelers as we move forward on our own path. It can be hard to remember to fill our  cup from the well of joy when we are always helping others.
Refreshing, renewing, and expanding your energy field are the most important aspects of your spiritual practice.
But we need to expand on the spiritual practices of the 1990s, as we have graduated from the New Age to the Light Age.
We have ascended from Light workers to Light Beacons and our spirituality has taken on a new edge, we’re Energy Warriors now, fully empowered to expand the light.
And since this is a new light mission for us, we can be more effective when we act within a community and have support from our fellow Light Beacons.

Do You Ever

Wonder if you’re on the right path because nothing seems to be working for you?

Feel like you’re all alone on your path?

Find yourself going through the same healing cycles and karmic patterns with the same people?

Wonder if you’re ever going to have a real or normal relationship?

Want new opportunities and to explore new potentials for your life but you lack clarity and confidence?

Want a more balanced spiritual experience that is more grounded, rational,

and that can be applied to your life?

You want more than affirmations, meditations, and miracle thinking?

You want to feel inspired, connected, motivated, and confident

but you aren’t sure how to balance that with what you feel is your path.

You want success without sacrifice, joy without the pain,

and you want  miracles, abundance, and everything in between

but you’re not always sure how to do it.


5D Living Insights

Jennifer is the leading expert on transitioning into 5D energy and the 3D/5D integration and she will share tips, tools, and tactics to help you align with your 5D energy alignment and integration into your life.


Becoming Light Beacons

The transition from Light Worker to Light Beacon can be a challenge and you will learn how to  keep your energy high and flowing through the transition, and manage your life changes too.

Becoming High Vibe Energy Portals

The Light Beacons Mission is to shine, receive and expand energy, and raise our collective vibes to facilitate 3D to 5D integration. You’ll get support for this new and exciting work from Jennifer and the Light Beacons community.

$39 per month billed monthly until cancelled

SPECIAL BONUS —   $250 annually  Expires August 2, 2019

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

Light Beacons is the best resource for information on the ascension path and transition to 5D. Jennifer is a wonderful resource and teacher.

Andrea S

I always get a new level of insight and energy from Jennifer’s work. She is my favorite teacher and I have been following her since 2004 because she is reliable, honest, consistent, and very grounded. I understand everything she says and can easily apply it to my life.

Daniel F

I can go to the Light Beacons portal and interact with people I feel comfortable with and who really understand me. The value of learning from Jennifer is priceless. I feel more confident, grounded, and connected to my own energy than I ever have in my life.

Maryann L

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$39 per month billed monthly until cancelled

SPECIAL BONUS —   $250 annually  Expires August 2, 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to the basic questions we receive about the Light Beacons Portal membership. If you have additional questions please send them to

Do I have to renew my membership each month?

Your membership will automatically renew each month or for the membership period until you cancel it. You can cancel at any time, which will de-activate your membership in the Light Beacons Portal at the end of that billing period and you will no longer have access to any of the benefits, including the discount code. We will not pro-rate cancelled monthly memberships. A longer term membership, if available, will be pro-rated at the full monthly price, with the number of months used deducted from any amounts paid.

What is your refund policy?

We do not  offer refunds on digital products and downloads. Each month’s content is available and is also archived after its general availability, as described. Any files that can be downloaded will be indicated and you must download them within any applicable time period to your personal computer or digital media device, as directed. We will not (and cannot) send files to you if you miss a download period.  Our standard Terms of Use covers all of the terms and conditions for use of our products and services and you can find it at this link.

How can I ask Jennifer questions for the live Q&A?

You can submit questions through the form survey that is provided prior to the LIVE Q&A call or by emailing and put ‘Light Beacons call question’ in the header. There may be special livestream Q&A events announced during the month on which Jennifer will take live questions too, watch your email for details.

Can I share my membership with others?

No, a membership subscription is for one person only. You may share your membership with a spouse or partner who is part of your household. However, sharing with friends and/or sharing your ID and password with others will result in immediate termination of your account.

What if I forget to download the month's specials or products?

Monthly products and specials are available for 30 days and you will receive reminders during the month to access your products before they are removed. If you do not download them you will forfeit access. We cannot send large files to you and you will receive several notifications during the month that your Light Beacons member materials are ready and the date they will be removed. The discount code is also available for 30 days and will expire after that time. A new code is issued each month and will be available on the portal pages. This code is for your use only, you may not share it with others.

Can I use the discount for readings with Jennifer?

The up to 20% discount code will be available on select products including audio files, specific programs, and any other items that may be included at our discretion. You will be advised of how the discount can be used and when special discounts are available. Individual readings and coaching with Jennifer is not part of the member discount program so the code cannot be used for any readings or coaching programs.


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